Holographic Displays

Adding a whole new dimension to the picture… 

Most of us are familiar with holographic images that use diffracted light to create the illusion of 3D and movement in a picture as you change your viewpoint. 

A holographic projector creates a magical illusion on a large scale, producing a 3D hologram display that brings the image of your product vividly to life, and definitely puts the ‘wow factor’ into your marketing campaign.

Holographic displays are often used in theatre and films to create the illusion that we are watching a long-departed actor or musician, and for special effects in science fiction movies.
Let us show you how you can use holographic display technology to add exciting and inventive visual effects to your own projects. We’re continually pushing the boundaries of technology, so if you have an idea then please run it past us – we welcome every new challenge! 

Please call 44 (0) 1372 742682 or email to explore the possibilities. 

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