Creative technology relaunches Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

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In July, guests gathered at the Rook & Raven contemporary art gallery in London’s Soho to experience the Coca Cola Zero Sugar Taste Lounge activation event.

Designed to support the repositioning of Coke Zero as Coca Cola Zero Sugar, the event was organised by Reverb Events (a division of the Lexis Agency). Reverb Events briefed Arcstream to create a solution that would be the main focal point of the event, and PSCo was approached to provide the best display solution.

Project Overview

We designed and produced a bespoke app for the event that displayed a huge glass of interactive Coca Cola Zero Sugar for the audience to engage with. Visitors delighted in popping bubbles and moving ice cubes around the glass before moving into a sound proof booth. Here they were immersed in the sound of people opening cans of the zero sugar drink.

The app was displayed on an Absen A2, 2.5mm LED wall provided by PSCo. The screen comprised 30 panels, in a 6 x 5 formation, creating a 2.4 x 1.5m wall. This narrow pixel pitch (NPP) LED provides a truly seamless display, with no interruption by bezels. The resulting high resolution canvas and reduced viewing distance was essential as guests were stood directly in front of the display using the Lidar touch technology, a detection system that works on the principle of radar, but uses light from a laser.

During the design process, Arcstream visited the PSCo Assessment Centre where we were able to test their content on the screen prior to the event. This allowed us to see how the final app looked in terms brightness, colour reproduction, and resolution before the event.

It was a really exciting project to work on alongside PSCo – not only was it a large global brand, but we could really get our creative hats on and work out the best way to display the content.

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