Finding new ways to communicate to event delegates


Finding new ways to communicate to event delegates

When you are a software development company looking to enthuse 4000 accountants, small businesses, entrepreneurs and app developers, a PowerPoint demo and a bunch of brochures just won’t cut it.

When PowerPoint demo and a bunch of brochures just won’t cut it

Intuit is the company behind QuickBooks accounting software. Their annual event, QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, California, brings their clients together to learn about the latest technology available to help them in their businesses. Through our client Twogether, we were asked to deliver an engaging and interactive experience to educate the audience about QuickBooks’ range of products and the many third party apps that integrate with them.

Our solution was two interactive tables, bringing together the latest in MultiTaction 55”touchscreen technology, graphics and code. Designed to showcase the variety of apps that integrate with Intuit QuickBooks to solve common business challenges, we built and tested the software along with creating the specialist coding required for the back-end build.

To access the content, visitors placed a series of brightly coloured pucks onto the table surface to bring up different menu systems, via a QR code on the bottom of the puck. With each puck revealing a distinct set of information, guests then used their fingers to navigate around the various menus. The information given in this creative way included, for example, the detail of each app, user ratings and online demonstrations, and information about whether the developer was available at the event to answer questions.

In a twist designed to allow the measurement of the technology’s success and create a personalised experience for each individual, conference badge barcodes could be scanned, allowing the software to greet the guest by name. Users were able to drag the apps that were relevant to them, and save to their own personal wish list. Post event, each visitor who had logged in to the table was emailed their wish list, along with the option to download the apps they had saved – so extending the event experience and allowing QuickBooks to measure ROI.

The tables received more attention than we could have hoped for. By day three of the conference, 78% of users who logged in to the table had added apps to their wish list. What’s more, when Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, came to try the tables for himself, he loved them so much he asked for one to be moved into the main conference area to gain greater exposure.

This is a great example of how you can use the latest technology to communicate information about your brand, your products and services, in an interactive and immersive way. It’s so much more engaging than a piece of paper. If you’d like to pick our brains about using technology to communicate information give us a call for a friendly chat.

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