To VR or not to VR? – that is the question

Jun 18, 2020 | Business News, Client Projects

Virtual Reality. In technology circles, it’s the buzziest of buzz words at the moment. And it’s brilliant, great, a universal panacea to world peace – OK, maybe not a panacea, forgive us for getting a little too enthusiastic.

But used in the right places, it truly is amazing technology. In the wrong – well it’s just a way to make people look daft in weird goggles.

So, works well or not so well? Key questions, sometimes tricky to answer. Maybe we can help.

Works well – when your audience is small. Not so well – when you need to engage hundreds. VR works brilliantly in a one to one or one to few situation, to give a small audience a truly immersive experience.

Works well – if there’s an element of education about your content. Not so well – when fun, fun, fun is the only objective. Don’t misunderstand us, VR came out of the fun, fun, fun gaming industry. And undoubtedly, it is very enjoyable to experience. But in a commercial environment, VR works best if you want to take participants on a journey or through a process and educate them. It’s good to have a clear objective.

Works well – for individual experiences. Not so well – for mass entertainment. VR is very much an individual event. One person dons those goggles and is taken through the experience. If you want a large group to interact together, VR ain’t the tool. Though that shouldn’t stop you laughing at the person with headset reacting to what they are going through! Like these people did.

Want to know more? Book a Virtual Reality Show & Tell at your office. No pressure, just mind blowing technology brought to your door. Email to book a session. All we ask is that you get the kettle on.
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