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Arcstream really went to town with this unique model village for HSBC.

HSBC and their agency, Geometry, were looking for a standout activation for their flagship branch in Birmingham. Something to engage homebuyers as they considered a mortgage, and also created an eye-catching scene for the main window of the branch.

Project Overview

Using their iPads, the in-branch mortgage consultants invited visitors to choose their dream house and as they completed the mortgage application for their real dream house the onsite 3D printer was busy building their model. When the application was complete, so was the house-build, and customers could select their plot in the dream town.

Arcstream came up with this innovative creative technology concept, then designed and built the traditional model village scene in the main window of the branch. They were also responsible for the successful running of the experiential campaign in the branch. It was a very modern twist on a traditional English scene.

The Dream Town created a real stir amongst Birmingham’s shoppers and was very well received by customers and staff alike. Over the week time-lapse photography captured the Dream Town being fully built while customers dreams for a new home had come to life, too.

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