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Arcstream has created a series of interactive experiences for the Ford Go Electric truck, that is traveling the country visiting events and shopping centres, inspiring and educating car owners about the benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

Working with agency Jack Morton, we mapped out 6 separate interactive stations to educate consumers about the reasons for switching to an electric vehicle, so they can experience owning one, before finding out the best model for them. Visitors are then invited to take a test drive at their nearest Ford dealer.

Project Overview

The first experience frames the need, offering a touch map of the UK, highlighting all the Clean Air Zones and the planned restrictions. Then, by selecting one of the physical models of drive chains, users can trigger videos demonstrating how different electric technologies work.

Using a touch screen, visitors can select a vehicle and typical journey, to play a video showing the benefits of owning that vehicle. This is followed by a physical charging simulator, showing the charging speeds and likely costs of different home and out of home systems.

Armed with all the information gleaned, users answer 5 questions about them and their driving needs to reveal the suggested vehicle and engine type. They then use an object identification table to explore all the features of the vehicle and see what promotions are running on them. They are then invited to register for a test drive at their local dealership.

Feedback has been extremely positive and test drive requests are running at over 50% of visitors.

Complementing the large truck for domestic drivers, Arcstream have also created an interactive trailer for commercial vehicle owners, to inspire them to Go Electric, too.

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