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In partnership with Blackjack Promotions we mounted 3D cameras directly above a stretch of Frankfurt Airport to detect and track passengers, while four Ultra Short Throw projectors created continuous animated backdrops of moving clouds on two walls. When the camera detected a person, the backdrop changed to project a cloud which followed the person as they walked past – if the passerby stopped, the cloud stopped; if he or she stepped backwards, the cloud moved backwards.

Project Overview

The real time motion tracking captured passengers’ attention and focused their eyes on the moving cloud which displayed EMC2’s key messages of ‘simple’, ‘secure’ and ‘agile’. The experience which ran throughout summer was designed to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to innovation and technology and reached more than three million people inside the airport across June, July and August.

We also installed an interactive floor which resembled a frozen lake surface that would crack alongside the cracking ice sound effects as participants walked on it and the final piece…. the fog screen which produced a thin wall of water vapour on which images could be projected included the campaign’s hashtag #LiveForNow in a cracked ice effect background.

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