The use of the amazing new Transparent LCD technology is a very popular emerging trend for companies and institutions to showcase and display a wide range of physical products within an attractive, transparent display that incorporates stunning video, images and personalised media that effectively captures the imagination of their potential customers and existing clients.

These Transparent LCD Displays are comprised of a completely transparent /see-through LCD which allows video, audio, text and company logos to be displayed while still allowing the customer or client to view the products that are on display behind it.

One of the many benefits of using this Transparent LCD technology in such displays is the fact that they incorporate touch screen technology which allows people to not only access detailed product information but also to be able to order items in real time all with the touch of a finger.

Transparent LCD displays have many uses and can be positioned almost anywhere to effectively catch the eye, some of the most popular placements in the retail sector are shop windows and counter tops which effectively increase foot traffic, increase brand and product awareness and, by definition, increase sales.

Transparent LCD Displays are also extremely effective in boardrooms, airports, trade-shows, conferences, museums, science centres, art galleries and any number of other retail locations.

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