Imagine there’s this great big shiny black cube with nothing to explain why it’s there. In fact, all you can see on it is #LIVEFORNOW and a clock counting down the seconds. It's intriguing at the very least, and needless to say, as the countdown gets closer to zero, the crowds increase.

This mysterious arrival is the Pepsi Experiential Cube and the team at Arcstream was overwhelmed to be given the chance to contribute to such a thrilling project.

When the clock reaches zero, a door opens and the assembled crowd streams into the cube. Lighting inside is subdued, adding to the air of mystery and suspense as people encounter a wall of ice behind which the outline of a man appears. Trapped, he beats against the ice wall with his fists. Of course, this is a special effect and just one of three supplied by Arcstream. We created the software and provided a 65” display behind frosted glass. It works using an infrared beam break sensor that triggers a media server to run the content when people approach. A second IR beam break sensor resets the effect when people walk away from the videowall.

But the Arcstream special effects don’t stop there. As visitors process through the cube, they find themselves on a frozen lake surface that cracks beneath their feet while the sound of cracking ice fills the air. Arcstream supplied the interactive floor and created the software and sound effects. Using a projector and Infrared camera, people’s movements are tracked over the projected surface and then used to create the ice cracking effect. Arcstream included a mirror on the adjacent wall to give the appearance of a continuing ice surface.

To add one more piece of drama to the proceedings, we put in a fog screen which was totally in keeping with the whole icy, creepy atmosphere. The fog screen produces a thin wall of water vapour on to which images can me projected. In this case, we projected #LIVEFORNOW in a cracked ice effect background.

We were asked to give visitors a sense of intrigue and a stack of surprises, and from what we’ve heard, we’ve given them an experience they’ll never forget. 

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