One of the most unusual and fascinating products we supply at Arcstream is the transparent LCD display. These come in a variety of forms but when all is said and done, they are screens that display content while letting viewers see whatever is behind the screen. A simple application would be to have an item such as a pair of trainers on show. The screen in front of the trainers would provide an augmented reality overlay, delivering data and promotional material about the trainers. In a more complex setup, the content on the screen could appear to interact with the item behind it.

The crucial thing that vendors have to bear in mind is that the success of such displays depends on aesthetics. Movement and colour are more important than text if the display is to catch the attention of passers by. Luckily, the content creation team at Arcstream have loads of great ideas to help you get the most out of transparent LCD displays.

In retail, there are two possibilities for these displays; the window display and the showcase application. In the case of a showcase application, such as in a retail store — people can see through the display and see the merchandise inside. However, on the surface they can watch the advertisement or promotional message on the screen. That market is growing very quickly.

The second market is the window display in which store windows are actually replaced by LCDs. People walking on the street can see both the products being displayed and the additional advertisement or promotion.

While the potential for retail use is clear, there are many possibilities for the use of transparent LCD in art galleries, museums and anywhere else that some context would come in handy. International market research firm, DisplayBank predicts that the transparent display market will grow to $900 million by 2015.

There’s a great piece including video in the Huffington Post about an idea for a bus that is a mass of transparent LCD screens. If someone out there wants us to build this, let’s talk!

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