Technology is a central part of many experiential events, providing interaction, involvement and engagement.   There are masses of choices of technology, and those choices are expanding at a rate of knots.  So how do you gauge what to recommend?  Would a Virtual Reality experience best meet your client’s needs, or would an interactive touch environment work better?

There are several considerations and these will be explored in another article soon.

However, the first and most important question to ask is “how many people do you need to reach with this experience?”

Virtual Reality experiences work really well in a one-to-one or one-to-few situation.  VR is a computer simulated reality where, using VR goggles, the user interacts with environments that can be a replica of reality or totally imaginary. We recommend VR for clients who want to give a relatively small audience a truly immersive experience.  One or two people at a time go through the experience at any one time, and the total number over an event is probably a few dozen.  

If the audience is larger there are other tools available.  Augmented Reality adds graphics, sounds, touch and even smell to the real world.  It works really well for small to medium groups.  You can, for example, team it with 3D motion tracking technology and create exciting and entertaining group experiences, such as a game challenge.

For larger groups, interactive technology, in the form of tables, floors or video walls, allow multiple people to interact with the technology at once and to engage hundreds over the course of an event.  This type of technology works well both with a selected audience at an event, or with the general public where the client wants to engage passers-by.

At the other end of the scale, if the audience is huge, you could consider massive video walls, which can be projected or use large flat panels or LED displays, or even projection mapping, displaying your message onto all types of surfaces from buildings to water to yachts.  It’s an approach guaranteed to make your audience’s collective jaws drop and create a truly memorable experience.




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