The Samsung SUR40 Windows 7 powered multi-touch interactive table is quite literally at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to this particular market.

With its sleek styling and modern coffee table looks it will comfortably fit into any venue that you require and make a serious impression on all of your friends, family, customers and business colleagues.

The ultra-modern Samsung SUR40 device uses a modified version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 professional 64-Bit operating system to function and utilizes a wide variety of Apps to accommodate the individual’s needs like those created by an extremely talented team of highly motivated individuals at Arcstream AV.

Any connectivity concerns are easily put to rest by its 4 USB slots, an SD card reader and HDMI in and out ports while the safety in your venue regarding the use of the interactive table has been taken of as the unit is very robust and also, with its screen being coated in Corning Gorilla Glass, it will be suitable for lengthily use by children and the sometimes heavy handed.

The Samsung SUR40 device is very popular for many reasons in all kinds of social, commercial and business gatherings; one of the many reasons for this is its size. It measures up at an impressive 1095x704mm on top and 736mm tall (when the legs are attached) and can also be wall mounted depending on your individual specifications and requirements.

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