Laser Hire services are used and enjoyed by many people for various reasons including personal, social and business gatherings. Most people understand the basics when it comes to what a Laser does but have you ever wondered what else they are capable of?

A highly skilled team of physicists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have developed a new camera that is able to capture 3D images of almost any object from a distance of up to 1 Kilometre; this is an amazing achievement in itself but the University team believe that with more research they could potentially increase the range up to 10 kilometres.

The main intended use for this 3D camera is to scan and capture images of vehicles and although the device can capture images of clothes it cannot, as yet, detect human skin. In addition to vehicle photography and capturing detailed images of objects the technology could also be used to keep track of the movement of rocks or foliage growth. It is also thought that with significant modification the device may eventually be able to detect an objects speed and direction. While Laser Hire clients will have little use for this kind of technology the police and the security services will find it very useful indeed.

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