The advantages of Interactive Tables and other forms of modern technology that can be used in the classroom for educating children are almost immeasurably greater that anything that existed even as recently as 10 years ago. The possibilities that Interactive Tables and other technologies open up are constantly being discovered and perfected by many forward thinking teachers and their very enthusiastic pupils.

With the accessibility of the world’s knowledge and information literally at the children’s fingertips Interactive Tables are set to change the way that they learn and the way in which they are taught.

The use and effectiveness of Interactive Tables in the classroom has been researched quite extensively and the results, although not really surprising, were very impressive indeed.

Children were observed to be extremely engrossed in the group activities that Multi Touch tables provide, this is an excellent motivational and group bonding activity which promotes faster learning, enjoyable learning and, as a direct result of these things, better / increased memory retention.

One leading technology expert recently quoted the following…

“Mathematics has always been one of those subjects that pose a lot of difficulties for some young students. In the 3-year SynergyNet project conducted by Britain’s Durham University, however, it was found that something might help – multi-user multi-touch networked desks.”

In hindsight this may seem obvious when the facts that children can work in groups, watch, interact and practice doing equations on the table top of the Interactive Table, all while under the supervision of a fully qualified teacher, is taken into consideration.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but Foresight is, quite literally, the way forward so when it comes to educating your children with Interactive Tables you can`t now be the first but, for the sake of your children’s education in the modern world, you really don`t want to be the last!

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