It`s a pretty safe bet that once your children get home from school the very first thing that they do is disappear to their rooms, switch on their game console and… well, that`s it really. You don`t see them until dinner time and even then you have to persuade them to leave their beloved machines alone for just enough time to eat.

As any parent will know – kids love technology – so why not take this obviously attractive media into the classroom environment to help and encourage the children to learn by utilizing the many benefits that an Interactive Table can provide?

This form of Interactive Table learning has been tried in various schools around the globe and the reaction from teachers and, more importantly the children, has been completely positive across the board.

Many of the teachers were completely amazed by the technology itself and the vast amount of applications that are available for teaching use but what really impressed them was the reaction of the children to the Interactive Tables.

All of the teachers that witnessed children using the Interactive Tables commented on how effortlessly the children took to this “new” technology and were stunned at how they had instantly and intuitively started to use the Interactive Tables in groups and were learning to work collaboratively.

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