Imagine walking on a floor that’s displaying a picture. Not just a picture, but a picture that reacts to your movements. If the picture is a fish pond then the fish swim around your feet; if it’s the frozen surface of a lake, more cracks appear with each step.





Interactive floors from Arcstream use a combination of projection and gesture-based tracking technology to deliver some of the most stunning and unforgettable interactive experiences available today. We have used interactive floors in the Pepsi Experiential Cube, in the new reception area at Great Ormond Street Hospital where, in keeping with the new seascape theme, we provided an interactive floor that looks like a rock pool, and we’ve supplied one to Step by Step School for autistic children. That one included Snowflake ABC software so that the floor isn’t just fun but is also an aid to learning.


Interactive floors also play a big part in our offering of interactive sports solutions. For example the rugby kicking game we created for the Rugby Museum at Twickenham involves standing on an interactive floor that appears to be a section of the rugby pitch and kicking the virtual ball over the H posts_backup.


We’ve also created a virtual penalty shoot out if football is more your bag. In each case, the interactive floor is combined with an interactive wall to provide a more immersive experience. Whatever kind of experience the client is looking for, we have a skilled bunch of content creation experts who can deliver all kinds of interactive experiences for corporate, education, event, and residential sectors.




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