As the nights draw in, and we start spending more cosy evenings at home, thoughts inevitably turn to all things Christmassy and we at Arcstream are no different. To help get the festive season into full swing, we’ve developed our very own Christmas themed augmented reality game.

In fact, it’s more than just a game; it’s a game along with a bit of virtual dressing up and silly dancing.

Players start by picking a costume. They can choose from Santa Claus, a snowman, or one of Santa’s little helpers. Once dressed, players will catch presents. This “Gift throwing game” will be as fun and silly as its name suggests, will provide hours of fun and engage your customer with a Chistmassy interaction with your brand.

From the user’s perspective, the game is short and simple to get, yet very entertaining.


From the brand’s perspective, the game is in the form of a short advert and Merry Christmas message can be introduced in-between each player’s turn. In addition, any player who is about to fail at a mini-game will be saved with a Merry Christmas message from the brand. Finally, artistic branding can be printed on parcels.

An interactive brand message as cool as an interactive branded game with season theme is about 10 times more efficient than a TV commercial.

So it’s more than just a bit of fun. It gets you noticed too!


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