Interactive tables are becoming an increasingly popular and welcome addition the class room and other learning environments due to their wide range of uses and adaptability in this arena.

A quick Google search will throw up a multitude of apps and games that can be used for educational purposes – these are just the generic ones; the bespoke options are pretty much limitless.

The ability to navigate maps and explore the world’s oceans, graphically examine creatures and their environments (both past and present) or physically deal with virtual money in an economics based lesson are just a few of the almost limitless possibilities that this technology opens up.

The wheelchair accessibility that Interactive Tables offer is another extremely popular and important aspect of their design allowing unparalleled interactivity for children with special needs.

By utilizing the multi-use functionality of an Interactive Table you will, by definition, promote and encourage student collaboration, student-led learning and attractive engagement which very effectively creates a social bonding effect and makes the entire learning experience more fun.

When using our bespoke applications students will gain instant access to a wide variety of tools and resources allowing them to work together to effectively achieve goals and complete specific educational tasks while allowing the teacher to very easily nurture collaborative classroom teaching.

If you are considering enhancing the learning potential of your students with Interactive Tables contact Arcstream AV today.

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