iD Experiential and Arcstream have collaborated to produce a marketing campaign that gives commuters a hands-on preview of East Village London E20.

The POD, as it’s known, features a simulated bike ride, that takes a virtual tour of the Olympic and Paralympic athlete’s accommodation in Stratford highlighting what it will offer residents after the games when it is redeveloped.  The POD featured at Grand Designs LIVE and now tours 4 London railway stations in an experiential campaign to promote the development as an eco-friendly living option that will go up for sale in 2013.

Steve Scott of iD Experiential said:

“This activation is designed to maximise on the excitement around the upcoming event and capture commuters within the right target catchment.  The tour has been really popular in every location that we have visited and there has been a lot of genuine interest in the development.  We have more events planned using the simulator until the development is ready to go on the market at the end of the year.”

The simulator and software it uses was created, supplied and installed by Arcstream, experts in cutting-edge and interactive technologies.  The POD consists of a Pashley bike built with a 55” interactive multi touch screen mounted in front of it, a range of sensors hidden on the bike detect when there is a rider sat on it and the multi touch screen displays a message to start pedalling, when they do a 3D virtual tour of the village begins; a fan even blows wind in the riders face making for an authentic experience!  On the rear of the POD a 65″ Multi Touch screen displays an application where users can browse through the ingenious design of the buildings and positive environmental impact of living in the East Village.

Arcstream created the bespoke virtual experience for award-winning experiential marketing specialist iD Experiential who created the campaign, to use on the showcase tour, which promotes 1,379 affordable, high quality homes in the complex.

Neil Dickinson Managing Director of Arcstream said:

“Working on a project to promote such an iconic part of London during such an eventful year has been fantastic.  The redevelopment epitomises greener living, and it is connected to the London Cycle Network, so the POD is a very appropriate simulator to publicise the village and raise awareness of its eco-friendly credentials. ”

For more information on the creative technology offered by Arcstream, including the multi touch screen, contact them here.

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