There are many interesting and useful applications for interactive walls. Whether they are for business, charity or social events the potential for this medium is staggering and one that is being utilised by a rapidly growing number of people.

Due to the fact that the walls are sensitive to weight or touch there are many possible applications for this technology that we have not even considered yet but one thing is for sure, we will.

One very popular current application of this fascinating technology is providing play space for children at social and educational events, the use of which promotes healthy social interaction for children among their siblings, friends and general age group.

There are a wide variety of games available for this medium in which groups of young children can compete and/or cooperate with each other with the number of participants only limited by the size of the installed surface. Most video games offer some form of quality solo experience and, like multi-player games they normally require players to concentrate on the screen in front of them instead of the people with whom they are playing.

Some very popular Interactive wall applications require children to actually concentrate on their actions and coordinate their movements, an experience which is shown to encourage and build communication skills between people of all ages.

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