Originally anticipated as a device aimed at the console/PC gaming market, Oculus Rift has been taken up by advertising agencies and content producers on the lookout for ever more immersive experiences for their clients. The relatively cheap headset, which gives the wearer a 360 degree view of a virtual world, proved an inspiration to innovative minds and can now be seen at all kinds of exhibitions and events.

At Arcstream, we have been using Oculus Rift in a project we’ve been working on for Peugeot. Far from simply supplying the amazing technology, we also created bespoke content to deliver a branded and relevant user experience.

Peugeot is the first car producer in the UK to use Oculus Rift, and visitors to events across the country, including The Gadget Show Live and the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, got an opportunity to try out the 80-second three-dimensional white knuckle ride that Arcstream created.


The content places participants in the passenger seat as a mountainous tarmac rally stage starts. Racing past spectators standing unnervingly close to the road, the winding stage traverses up an increasingly steep course until a wing suit flies over. The headset wearer then transfers seamlessly into the wing suit for a flight over the stunning mountain scenery.

Swooping down and around the mountain’s craggy outcrops, the wing suit wearer flies over a Peugeot heading up the mountain and then flies off the face of a sheer drop towards an outcrop of rocks where there’s a skeleton track. As they land on the track, the wearer begins the last piece of their journey: down the icy twists and turns of a skeleton bobsleigh track at speeds of up to 80mph.

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