Arcstream AV worked with Hipnose Events in Portugal to create a giant projection screen, stunning laser show and the largest MagicSymbol demonstration ever attempted to launch Portugal Telecom’s high profile rebrand.

We sourced a huge 25m x 10m projection screen which formed a backdrop to the stage set, onto which Hipnose Events used 6 x Barco 20K projectors to create a stunning edge image.

The huge laser show heralded the moment when the new logo was revealed with three 10 watt Arctos lasers and two 6.5watt ARX full colour lasers, all controlled with Pangolin Laser Show Software, in addition seventy two diffraction mirrors were rigged to bounce laser beams all over the room covering the space.

In a futuristic twist to proceedings, the projection screen featured a 3D reveal of the logo, facilitated by MagicSymbol technology. A set of HD broadcast cameras filmed the stage, and as the CEO introduced the logo he held a card symbol to the camera, which was picked up by the MagicSymbol technology and used to create a 3D image as if the CEO was holding the logo, which was in turn projected onto the huge screen behind him.

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