There are many different uses and concepts for modern technology that are all aimed at making our lives easier and much more fun; Interactive Tables are no different in these respects.

When considering these issues many people focus specifically on the business applications for modern tech and although this is a very important area for developmental consideration we also have the social side to our lives to think about. Like the old saying goes – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

One such social application for Interactive Tables is to be found in a few forward thinking high quality restaurants making the entire dining experience much more interactive, interesting and – more importantly – fun.

One very good example of this very clever use for Interactive Tables a UK based restaurant and bar where every eating surface is an Interactive Table on which customers are presented with everything that they could possibly need to make their experience memorable. The display includes the full food and drink menu, prices, visual representations of the dishes (as they will look on the plate) and a number of widgets that allow the diner to place orders, discover the local area and even book a taxi home.

Customers to this and other businesses that have incorporated Interactive Tables into their environment have commented very positively on the entire experience and more importantly encouraged their friends to try it. Owners of such businesses have reported that they have seen a marked growth in sales as word of their “interesting” establishment spreads among friends of previous clients.

If interactive technology can do this for a restaurant just imagine what it could do for your business and the enjoyment of your clients.

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