No complaints about getting a round in at this bar

May 25, 2020 | Business News, Client Projects

On first glance, the iBar is a pretty cool Perspex topped bar that would look at home in an upmarket nightclub. With space for serving staff in the centre of the square, the wine glasses and drinks bottles are reflected in the sleek, shiny surface.

But it’s when you activate the bespoke software that iBar comes to life. As guests put down their glass on the bar, random creative effects appear beneath it. A friend sets down their drink and the two glasses connect. As it’s also activated by finger, the partygoers can get creative, generating digital patterns, with a myriad of colours and shapes appearing beneath their touch.

iBar is a modular design so whilst this client wanted a square, the 1.2m sections can be configured into different shapes and layouts. A built in cooling system ensures it can be active into the early hours, and the Perspex top protects the electronics from damage. It comes with a host of optional functionality. Add a QR code to the bottom of a glass or bottle and when rested on the iBar, it can be programmed to show specific content. Perhaps you want to show product information – or give one of your guests a prize winning code. iBar can be bespoke branded to reflect an organisation’s corporate identity. It’s a superb solution for any type of branding event or product launch.

For this particular customer, it turned out to be a bar that the guests were very happy to prop up all night

When asked to deliver a bar with a difference for a private party at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London, we decided to give guests something to interact with.

We created a huge 5 metre square bar with in 12 x 55” multi-taction cells set into a bespoke timber carcass, with practical touches like built in shelving for bar necessities. And with the final addition of specially written bespoke software, iBar was born.

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