Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality (AR) lets you add relevant information and virtual objects into real-world scenarios in real-time, augmenting the user experience in striking ways.

Your audience’s perception of the real world is enhanced by options to access additional information and sensory experiences in formats including text, audio, graphics and video.

Whilst engaging with your products in the showroom or at an exhibition, they can call up detailed specifications, peer reviews, videos of the product in use in a variety of settings or ‘how to’ demonstrations. Viewing a contemporary artwork they may choose to watch the artist creating the piece, or look behind the scenes at the design and manufacturing process of the new car in which they are sitting.

Arcstream AV has an impressive track record of developing highly imaginative and engaging AR applications across a range of industry sectors. It isn't just about delivering state-of-the-art technology… it’s having the creative flair to make sure it achieves its full potential for you.

We are happy to share some of our recent AR projects, and show you how they helped our clients achieve their particular objectives, so please give us a call today on 44 (0) 1372 742682 or email.

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