Arcstream On The Road: Cutting-Edge, Fully Mobile Messaging

Aug 3, 2022 | Business News

Brands, companies, and agencies looking for impact often need to take their messages out on the road to where their target audience can be found. Our team of experts deliver immersive, interactive and data gathering projects that travel to the heart of the matter to deliver key marketing goals. Arcstream powered roadshows have covered the automotive, technology, FMCG and entertainment industries

Energising Ford’s Shift To Electric

Arcstream is engaged on a major project with Ford UK visiting events and shopping centres across the UK. Allowing consumers to examine all the possibilities and advantages of switching to an electric vehicle and then book a test drive at their nearest Ford dealer.

The Ford Go Electric Truck contains six different interactive stations designed to educate consumers on the reasons for switching to an electric vehicle and examine the advantages in a data driven experience based on their driving habits.

Find out more here.

Augmented Snacking For Doritos

A different mobile project was created for agency Momentum WW, as Arcstream delivered an interactive experience around the brand ambassador for Doritos, Baby Dragon. Centred around the Doritos Heat Burst TV campaign, our software engineers used augmented reality and facial recognition technology to project the Doritos dragon’s head on to customers and have flames come out of their mouths.

Brand extension was strong as everyone who used the displays was offered a 15 second highlight reel to share across their social media platforms.

See Baby Dragon in action here.

Hair-Raising Car Launch

This time working with agency INITIALS Marketing, Arcstream experts created a cutting-edge sensory experience to help launch the new 308 vehicle for Peugeot and challenge brand perception.

The roadshow brought to life the key advertising messaging, utilising a series of immersive elements, using VR and AR to thrill visitors and educate them on the cars’ new features.

Find out more here.

Tour de Force Roadshow

Agency JPC asked Arcstream to create something special for Dimension Data during the Tour de France.

Arcstream was tasked with generating a Mobile Client Experience Centre to host guests over a 17-day period allowing people to follow the progress of the race. The key aim was to ensure visitors learnt about the power of Dimension Data’s service capabilities and cutting-edge technology.

Our team installed the hardware and software into the mobile truck that kept visitors fully informed at every stage of the race as well as delivering opportunities for Dimension Data and its partners to share presentations and insights.

Get up to speed here.

Fun And Games On The Road

When Japanese e-commerce business, Rakuten, wanted their UK launch to deliver impact, Arcstream partnered with Hometown London and KruLive to create a family-friendly roadshow experience.

Arcstream created fun and interactive games for audiences to play over the course of the launch days to accompany the screening of popular movies. Bookworm Bash and a bowling game entertained visitors whilst a leadership board enabled the best players to win prizes.

Join the fun here.

So, the main message here is, don’t restrict yourself in terms of where you deliver your marketing messages, wherever you need to be, Arcstream can take you there.


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