Virtual Reality Experiences

Think about creating an environment where the audience isn’t just hearing and seeing your content but is actually experiencing it.

We work with the latest, vastly enhanced type of virtual reality (VR) technology that can immerse you into a fully 3D, 360 degrees virtual world. Combining a screen and a gyroscope that work in harmony, it delivers the kind of stunning and memorable user experience that will give your brand a competitive edge.

How is this technology used?  Imagine you are a car dealership being able to transport customers to the inside of your cars – from their desk, from a shopping arcade or even from a download at home.  Or a product manufacturer who wants to conduct research before a prototype is built. Product launches, training sessions, focus groups – the possibilities are endless.

Virtual Reality is the latest in immersive technologies and always delivers a hugely impressive experience, and we work with the leading solutions including Oculus Rift, Vive and Samsung Gear.

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