Augmented Reality Technology

By combining elements of the real and virtual worlds Augmented reality (AR)  creates a futuristic environment.  It opens up opportunities for you to develop totally new and interactive approaches to marketing campaigns, scientific demonstrations, learning, and entertainment

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting new technology which allows digital information to be integrated with the user's environment in real time. AR uses the existing environment and overlays information such as videos, photos or other data. Augmented reality differs from Virtual Reality in that it allows users to stay in touch with the real world whereas VR creates virtual environments which are completely fabricated.

The many possible uses for AR are only now being fully explored. From carrying out remote surgical operations to gaming applications the future for AR is very exciting. Scores can be superimposed on sports games, pop out 3D emails, photos or text messages can be sent to mobile devices. Interactive AR can also be used for educational purposes - helping to make learning a fun and memorable experience. Anyone in any doubt as to the viability of AR should look at the astonishing popularity of Pokémon Go! Which recently took the gaming industry by storm. 3D motion tracking technology has also been used for events- allowing organisers to use RFID (radio frequency identification), in the form of bracelets, to manage queues - helping to safely manage large groups of people. The beauty of AR lies in its accessibility, using everyday devices such as mobiles or tablets, and in its power to entertain.

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Here at Arcstream AV we combine 3D motion tracking technology with the latest augmented reality technology to produce amazing results. We have already developed shopping apps (virtual dressing rooms) which allow customers to try items of clothing without even getting changed. The shopper simply selects clothes from the shop's inventory then stands in front of a full length mirror which is, in fact, a giant screen. The computer then overlays the clothing onto the customer's image. The customer can turn around and the virtual clothing will move with them. We have also developed an app allowing customers to experience jewellery in 3D. We are especially proud of our 'Swing-Top Challenge ' which is a bespoke AR game which we developed for Grolsch. In this highly addictive game players step into a cube and can see themselves attempting to catch bottles of Grolsch as they fly across the screen. One more example of the creative use of AR to market a product.

Here at Arcstream AV we know that it isn't just about delivering state-of-the-art technology, it is also about having the creative expertise to make full use of that technology. We love to push the boundaries of new technology, using our innovative flair to produce products our customers will love. 

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