Augmented Reality Technology

By combining elements of the real and virtual worlds Augmented reality (AR)  creates a futuristic environment.  It opens up opportunities for you to develop totally new and interactive approaches to marketing campaigns, scientific demonstrations, learning, and entertainment

The beauty of it is that it uses tools we are all familiar with - smartphones, tablets, or physical markers.  AR gives you a digitally enhanced view of the real world by layering additional information such as video, photos, and additional data. Look down a street via AR, and you will see not only the physical street but also digital labels highlighting cafés, theatres, and other points of interest.

AR is great for students -  they can brush up their maths and geography, or even point a phone at the sky and learn about astronomy.

Used alongside 3D motion tracking technology, AR makes for fun gaming experiences. In the ‘Swing-top Challenge’ that we created for Grolsch, players step into a game cube, see themselves on the screen and attempt to catch and open virtual Grolsch bottles as they fly across the screen.

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of augmented reality, please get in touch.