A virtual journey through time for Veuve Clicquot

When a renowned champagne house requested an experience to demonstrate the history and quality of their brand, we were definitely up for the challenge!

Through our client Polar Black, Veuve Clicquot's brief was to demonstrate the journey of the brand, from grape to glass, in a portable format, using virtual reality technology. Designed to be taken to prestigious venues such as Lords Cricket Ground during major events, 'Virtually Clicquot" asks visitors to sit astride a bike, start peddling, and be taken on a virtual journey.  

The tour takes riders through the rooms of the Hôtel du Marc, into the Crayères chalk caves and the vineyards of the Verzy manor. It defines the history behind the brand,  the champagne region, and Madame Clicquot herself, showcasing her innovations that changed the way champagne was produced forever.

Possibly our most challenging project to date, this six month build included the production of multiple 3D images so lifelike, they look like photographs. To say the client was delighted with the result is an understatement and they are now looking to roll out the exhibit globally.