A hugely creative event for LOreal

After several months of creative brainstorming under the guidance of the outstanding Irene Moore from L'Oreal, we were tasked with delivering a dose of technology pizazz to the 2016 L'Oreal NYX #FACEAWARDS after show party.

Considering this year's party theme was “technology” we made every effort to make the event really experiential.  We were delighted when Irene went for every option we put forward.  It ended up being such a creative project.  

Firstly in conjunction with “infinite360.co.uk” we produced a virtual reality 360 degree video presentation in a virtual make up booth, giving visitors a truly immersive 90 second experience. During the run through below you get an idea of what our guests experienced!


Two of our object identification cells were built into an interactive table, this allowed guests to explore background information on the finalists in the competition - a far more compelling and engaging way of presenting information than posters or booklets.

We then deployed our iBar, a drinks bar that interacts with visitors' hands and barware to create astonishing, creative effects.

And finally, we created holographic depictions of each finalists head that rotated at the party entrance.  

Sometimes it just doesn't feel like work :)