Interactive Tables

Whether you are a teacher, business owner, or a homeowner, a multi-touch screen will greatly benefit you and open up a world of interactive technology that is exponentially growing. 

Our interactive tables can be used for a wide variety of purposes including: business, promotional, instructional, educational and, of course, recreational.

Why choose Arcstream AV? Well, our interactive tables are bespoke - constructed to our clients' individual requirements. The possibilities and uses are limitless - well, limited only by our clients' imaginations. We love to push the boundaries of design and innovation. Our experts layer the most sophisticated technology to create tables which will deliver hours of entertainment and enjoyment featuring inventive visual effects to enhance the user's experience.

Like what you hear? Why not see our Interactive Tables in action...    Watch Our Video

What really sets Arcstream AV apart is our innovative and creative use of technology. This, coupled with our flair for design, is the reason why we have been trusted by so many high profile clients such as Diageo, Coca Cola and Sony. 

Our interactive tables using the very latest multitouch technology have been used in a wide variety of situations from schools and other educational establishments right through to hospitality services (featuring touchscreen menus). They are also widely used as promotional tools at exhibitions and conferences.

Choose an interactive table from Arcstream AV and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.