Interactive Tables

Whether you are a teacher, business owner, or a homeowner, a multi-touch screen will greatly benefit you and open up a world of interactive technology that is exponentially growing. 

This technology continues to develop and is and becoming the professional tech tool of choice for education and business purposes.

Why?  It’s because an interactive multi-touch screen is the perfect way to engage your audience with content that can attract, entertain and educate using the latest technologies.

Our bespoke applications enable interactive multi-touch screens that promote products and services, deliver virtual tours and competitions, offer data capture services and create live social media engagement through the power of touch. We’ve worked with a number of high profile clients to get the most out of this amazing technology. 

Some of the most popular uses for multi-touch screen technology include:

Children’s entertainment and education – offering fun, educational games in the background of events and attractions, keeping the kids occupied and happy. Schools and even homeowners are increasingly realising the huge interactive educational benefits that this technology can provide.

The hospitality industry - use this technology for interactive menus and images allowing customers to view exactly what their meal will look like on the table before they purchase and then order direct from the screen.

Business events – ideal for parties, exhibitions and corporate events. This technology is widely used for event reception desks and also as an interesting way of showcasing products and services to existing and potential clients.

You may be considering embracing the huge potential benefits that a multi-touch screen - or indeed a standard touch screen - can provide – if so, contact us.