Interactive Floors

An application of technology that is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Using projected images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology, our interactive projection system can be used on any suitable floor surface for an inviting and immersive display. An emerging alternative technology is to use LED displays, which can be made strong enough to take heavy weights such as a car.

Interactive floors can be used for a wide range of purposes. From providing an exciting and innovative focal point at a party to wowing potential customers at a product launch, an interactive floor can provide an immersive and memorable experience.

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Here at Arcstream AV we have years of experience in creating bespoke, interactive flooring for a wide range of customers. We utilise moving imagery and interactive video to create amazing effects such as transforming your floor into a football pitch or a pond. The possibilities are simply endless.

All our interactive floors include state of the art multitouch and multitaction technology and are engineered to be tough and resilient. Indeed, our LED displays can even take the full weight of a car. 

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