Interactive Floors

An application of technology that is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Using projected images and state-of-the-art motion capture technology, our interactive projection system can be used on any suitable floor surface for an inviting and immersive display. An emerging alternative technology is to use LED displays, which can be made strong enough to take heavy weights such as a car.

Fun and inspiring, interactive floors are an excellent way to engage and impress the people that matter, from business partners at an exhibition to customers in a retail space. Interactive projection systems encompass a vast range of moving imagery and interactive video. Fish ponds, football pitches, and virtually anything else that can work as a projection.  Our team of expert designers will create a bespoke package, just for you

Whether you’re throwing a party for your family and friends, hosting an extra special product launch, or just want to provide something different from the usual bouncy castle at a children’s party, there is huge scope for adding an interactive floor to your event. Whatever your brief, it will be a memorable feature that is sure to WOW your guests. - If you are interested in an interactive floor for your next event, please contact us today.