Transparent Displays

A display that you can see straight through, allowing you to layer digital information and physical items.  What a way to capture the imagination of your audience! 

Transparent display is a brand new, cutting edge technology enabling the layering of digital information and physical items. This new technology links 3D or LCD display with fully transparent display projection systems incorporating video images and personalised media. The resulting images are truly transparent resulting in an almost magical quality whilst providing an impressive impact. 

Like what you hear? Why not see our Transparent Displays in action...    Watch Our Video

Our 3D display system can be embedded into glass panels making it an ideal choice for advertising and display purposes. The system runs dynamic content from the screen's hard drive resulting in full transparency for images of up to 84". 

The uses of this technology are still being explored but it has already been used in meetings, airports, exhibitions, conferences, museums, science centres and art galleries. 

Here at Arcstream AV we are really excited at the amazing possibilities for this new technology. We have long been at the forefront of producing inventive visual effects and transparent display looks set to provide us with yet more opportunities to do what we like best - pushing the boundaries of possibility. So, if you have a project or an idea which you think might benefit from transparent display technology, call us - we love a challenge. We have an impressive reputation for developing and delivering on innovative uses for all the latest technology. We can deliver a bespoke package tailored specifically to your company's needs.

Don't delay - if you need inspirational marketing which will truly capture the imagination choose a transparent display system from Arcstream AV. For more information call us now on +44(0) 1372 742 682 or email us at