Transparent Displays

A display that you can see straight through, allowing you to layer digital information and physical items.  What a way to capture the imagination of your audience! 

Our transparent LCD and OLED solutions allow you to showcase and display a wide range of physical products within an eye catching transparent display that incorporates stunning video, images and personalised media.

Run dynamic content direct from the screen’s hard drive, and your viewers will be able to see the product shown behind the screen at the same time -  making memorable marketing experiences that are ideal for product displays and launches. Recent developments allow huge displays up to 84” and technology that can even be embedded into glass panels.

While the use of transparent displays is booming in retail locations, their effectiveness when used in boardrooms, airports, trade-shows, conferences, museums, science centres, and art galleries is also being discovered. 

If you are thinking of using transparent LCD or OLED displays for your business advertising and promotion or require any of our other expert services contact us.