Projection Hire

Projection may sound like a safe, corporate display solution, but in our hands, it becomes a hugely inventive tool.

Here at Arcstream AV we have taken projection to a different level. We use projection display techniques as a tool to create visually imaginative and innovative effects. We love to be creative and we use sophisticated digital technology to push the boundaries of possibility. 

With our wall projection services we can create huge interactive walls which will respond to the touch of passers-by. We can also arrange to project images or messages onto iconic buildings. Our projection hire services can produce holographic displays which appear to float in mid-air and we can also create a transparent display which you can see through and which will allow for digital information and physical items to be layered. We take great pride in our ability to add artistic flair to our innovative use of technology.

So, if you want to ask your girlfriend to marry you, call Arcstream AV - we can arrange for your proposal to be projected onto a wall. We don't guarantee an acceptance but the proposal will certainly be memorable! Seriously, if you have a project which you think might benefit from our Projection Hire Services call us now on +44(0) 1372 742 682 or email us at and we will be very happy to help.