Large Format Displays

The trend in displays over the last few years is BIG, and as costs come down and picture quality goes up, this technology goes from strength to strength. 

Here at Arcstream AV we love a challenge and the bigger the better. So ask us about large format display options such as a video wall or an LCD wall display and you are guaranteed to set our pulses racing.

As technology has advanced the cost of a video wall has fallen whilst picture quality has dramatically improved. Video walls can deliver a stunning visual impact in situations where there are large groups of people. They are perfect for creating atmosphere and making an impression in a stadium or at a festival. Add a stunning visual backdrop to your event with a video wall from Arcstream AV. A video wall can add an extra dimension to any performance. Whether it is a real time live feed of events onstage or a pre-recorded video designed to enhance the performance - Arcstream can make it happen. 

Here at Arcstream AV we supply a comprehensive video wall rental service supplying walls for use in stadiums, concerts and festivals. These walls come in a variety of sizes from a 6mm pitch right through to a 25mm pitch. Our experts here at Arcstream AV can advise you on the type of screen which would be most suitable for your event and once you have made that decision you can leave the rest to us. 

For indoor venues an LED display would usually be most appropriate. These come in sizes of 65" upwards and with a pitch of between 0.8mm and 6mm. LED Wall Displays are routinely used in classrooms and meeting rooms but they can also be used for product launches, promotional films, digital signage or even as a permanent installation. 

Whatever your large format display needs Arcstream AV have the expertise and experience to deliver. We have built up an impressive reputation over the years and have been trusted by companies such as Diageo, Coca Cola and Sony to supply inventive visual technology. We are well used to harnessing sophisticated digital technology to provide stunning audio and visual effects. 

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