Holographic Displays

Wow your audience with 3D images that appear to float in mid air.  What an impact that would have for a product launch or brand message communication!

Calling all marketing managers. Does your marketing strategy need an extra ' je ne sais quoi' ? Never fear - call Arcstream AV - our holographic display systems could be exactly what you need to revitalise and re-energise your product promotions.

Here at Arcstream AV we use our very own holographic projection systems combined with bespoke digital programming to create 3D moving images or animations which appear to float in the air whilst seeming real enough to touch. Our holographic projection system produces a full 180 degree view of 3D gravity-defying images designed to amaze and astound your audience. 

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These images are ideal for use in product launches or to enhance any retail display. Imagine a 3D image of a champagne bottle popping at the centre of a champagne bar - we can make it happen. Here at Arcstream AV we have produced many enchanting 3D images for use as centrepieces in bars and clubs to promote drinks. From popping champagne bottles to cars, planes and even flames - there is no limit to the possibilities. 

At Arcstream AV we are passionate about producing the very latest in inventive visual effects. We love to push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of technology so if you have an idea don't be afraid to run it past us - we love a challenge and we really do have the expertise and passion to make your ideas a reality.  

Embrace the future of marketing with the latest in holographic display technology from Arcstream AV. Call us now on +44(0) 1372 742 682 or email us at info@arcstreamav.com.

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